Writing Through Trauma

A powerful healing modality

by Janée Baugher



Research shows that one of the best therapies for trauma is also one of the simplest: writing. The benefit is not about disclosing personal information for someone else to read. It benefit is in creating a story that links together the emotional memories, help us make sense of the experience, and make it less likely to be repeatedly called to mind.

Janee Baugher's Writing Through Trauma offers a safe space to navigate your own dark terrain and turn it into poems, stories and essays. Learn basic craft fundamentals used in three genres: Story, scene, and character in fiction; imagery, figurative language, and sound in poetry; memory/meaning, action/reflection, and writing-through-discovery in nonfiction. Whether you’re goal is to write cathartically or to publish, Janee will help you express your feelings and empower you to speak your truth.


Be ready to write.

Pen & paper required.

Prior to class, read poem “Home Burial” by Robert Frost as an example of writing through trauma:


Chapter 1:   October 30

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